Touchless Business Card Exchange

  • Technology has exploded in recent years & smartphones are at the forefront.
  • During the global pandemic, video and teleconferencing meetings have virtually replaced traditional face-to-face meetings.
  • Traditional venues like industry conferences, trade shows, and office visits have moved to virtual mediums or implemented social distancing.
  • The habit of exchanging traditional business cards needs to adapt to this new professional practice — a move DoveCard has already made!
  • Digital interactions have grown exponentially. The DoveCard App has adapted and generates virtual business cards that can be instantly exchanged in video meetings.
  • With this vital business communication tool, professionals may also exchange digital business cards at social distance in face-to-face meetings and during teleconference calls.

DoveCard App Features

  • Share Business Cards Via Video and Teleconference Calls

    Scan a QR code or input a numeric code to instantly exchange business cards. This exchange will allow both or multiple users to receive each other's information.

  • Exchange Business Cards
    at Social Distance

    Easily and safely exchange business cards, while social distancing with a quick Bluetooth scan of DoveCard users near you. It's perfect at conferences, office meetings and various business gatherings.

  • Rank a Card’s Importance, Time and Add Notes

    Customize your business card collection by marking cards with importance ratings and adding personal notes upon receipt while the app automatically records the date and time of the card exchange.

  • Receive Automated Notifications on Profile Updates

    Share and receive automatic updates on changes in job, position, function, company or other contact info.

  • Easily Manage
    Your Business Cards

    Easily search or sort cards by name, notes taken, keywords, ranking, company, and date and time of acceptance.

  • Feel Safe
    With Secure Chat

    Confidentially share photos, documents, voice memos, videos and thoughts in secure one-on-one conversations or group chats.

Stay Connected With DoveCard App

Download the free DoveCard App and make the most of your next Zoom, Skype or other video meetings. Also, stay safe in face-to-face gatherings with the app's touchless business card exchange.

DoveCard App Reviews

This business card management app is the best that I ever used. Not only does it allow me to collect business cards, but also allows me to chat a...


This app is great. I am going to start using it from now on and tell my friends about it too - thank you for sharing your QR code with me, that w...

Johnnie R.

Great service, fast service, very polite and a pleasure to work with.

Kelly H.

This is a great idea, I wonder who else is doing something so cool. I wish I knew about this during my Zoom and Skype calls.

Ginger K.

DoveCard is a cool name for a cool app. Congrats on the success of almost at the cusp of 100K downloads and the press release you sent me.

Michael R.

So so incredible!! Such a great way to keep up with connections and have all of your business contacts organized in one place!! Love love it!! Se...

CortLee Legendary Consulting

DoveCard is sooo cool. WOW, I didn’t know you could do this. I am now using it anytime I meet a new person and want their info. Thank you!!

April C.

This app is very useful and has been very effective in keeping my contacts in one single secure platform. Very nice.

Ehsan A.

I think this app rocks. Way cooler than I thought. Telling all my college friends about it. Thanks for showing it to me.

Jordan D.

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