In recent years, communications advancements have been chipping away at the need for traditional in-person business interactions. With the unexpected onset of the COVID-19 crisis, these changes have accelerated and sweeping reforms were made in the way people engage in business communication. More and more, video calls and teleconferencing are replacing traditional face-to-face meetings. Long-established events such as industry conferences, trade shows, and office visits are moving to virtual venues or implementing social distancing practices for our own protection. Our habit of exchanging paper business cards will likewise need to adapt to this new social norm.

To support this growing trend, DoveCard has developed a social business card app that facilitates the touchless exchange of business contact info. With this communication tool, professionals may exchange business cards at social distance, whether they are in face-to-face meetings or virtual teleconferences.

DoveCard Features
The DoveCard app is loaded with features including Sharing and Chat, Card Management, Cloud Backup & Restoration, and so much more…
BizCard Exchange
via Teleconference & Video Call

DoveCard allows you to exchange business cards by scanning a QR code or inputting a numeric code. When another user’s code is scanned or entered, you receive his or her business card. By accepting their BizCard exchange request, your business card will automatically be sent to the other party.

Additionally, users may generate a group QR code or a group numeric code for effortless sharing. All participants in a conference or tele/video meeting who scan or enter these codes will automatically exchange business cards in a speedy and straightforward manner.

BizCard Exchange
at Social Distance

DoveCard allows you to touchlessly send business cards to people within a short distance. When another user receives and accepts your card, his/her business card will automatically be sent back to you.

Utilize the group creation feature to quickly exchange business cards between all members. This is perfect for maintaining social distance at business gatherings and conferences, trade shows, and office meetings.

Record a Card’s Importance
and Time

Customize your BizCard collection by marking cards with importance ratings and personal notes upon receipt. The app will automatically record the time of card exchange for future reference.

Automated Notifications
on Profile Updates

Share and receive updates on changes in job, position, function, or contact info with connections using DoveCard’s automated notifications feature.

Additional Features
Download DoveCard and
start connecting.